Questions & Answers

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1. Do you guarantee that we will catch fish?

​We are dealing with mother nature and an unpredictable river. I will not insult you by guaranteeing that every trip will produce fish or even a trophy fish. My gallery proves I know how to fish the river. I truly want you to be satisfied and come back. I promise to give each client 100%. I have caught fish when the river rises and falls. But when it gets unstable – fast rise or fast fall – they slow down.

2. When is the best time?

​I catch fish year-round, weather-permitting. The slowest time is during the spawn. Depending on water temperature, this usually occurs mid-May, June, sometimes into early July. They are just hard to catch at that time. I love fishing in he summer and fall around mid July to mid November.  That is when we bottom bounce.  Bottom bouncing is like bass fishing with a worm except you are fishing for catfish. We drift down the river fishing out of the back of the boat. We are bouncing the bait up and down off the bottom as the boat drifts down the river.  The catfish pick up the bait just like a bass picks up a plastic worm.  You set the hook and hold on.  Those big blues will try to rip the rod out of your hand. 

Fall and Winter-time can be outstanding fishing as well. It may be cold but the big blues are biting. The blue cats congregate in the deep holes, making them easier to locate. They feed heavily to prepare for the spawn. This is the best time to catch a trophy blue. Usually in the fall the water clears up and drops to fishable levels. Late winter, January and February, can be fantastic as well. The blues are still schooled up and feeding. If you can locate them, hold on! However, it is difficult to plan ahead this time of year. High water can raise the river quickly. Cold weather and rain can cancel a trip. 

3. What do you furnish and what do I need to bring.

I furnish tackle, bait, Coast Guard-approved PFD’s and a large, safe boat. You furnish your food,
drinks and license.

4.   How do I get a fishing license?

You can purchase a fishing license at any sporting good store, online here or call 888-765-2602.

​Non-resident one-day pass: $10.29
Non-resident three-day pass: $18.29
Resident three-day pass: $4.29

5.   What type boat do you use?

I fish out of a G3 2100 Sportsman. It’s designed and outfitted for the most serious big water and big catfish. It rides on a welded .125 gauge all-aluminum “Deep-Vee” hull featuring a commendable 15-degree deadrise to help soften your ride in big water conditions.

I have been fishing at Vicksburg for 10 years and have never had problems. I know how to navigate and fish the river. I will not go out under adverse or dangerous conditions. You will have a safe and enjoyable day on the river.

blue cat guide service

6. Where do we meet?

Take Exit 4B, Clay St West from I-20 stay on Clay till you dead-end into a concrete seawall (corner Levee Stand Clay) The ramp is on the other side of seawall.